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Sartorius Signum Series Industrial Scales

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  • Capacities up to 65000 g
  • Resolutions of 0.1 through 2 g
  • RS-232 interface standard and many optional interfaces available
  • External calibration
  • Backlit LDC remote display
  • 3 different application levels from weight only to advanced
  • Level 1 weight only operation and unit toggle
  • Level 2 for 10 programs and optional port of analog reference scale
  • Level 3 same as level 2 plus product memory (100), 4 configurable ID fields and can combine 3 application
  • Standard with base mount bracket for remote display
  • Standard IP65 and stainless steel pan 13.8 x 9.5 in
  • Below balance weighing standard
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Item Name

Weighing Capacity


SIWADCP-V3 Sartorius SIWADCP-V3 Industrial Scale 7 kg 0.1 g
SIWADCP-V4 Sartorius SIWADCP-V4 Industrial Scale 7 kg 0.1 g
SIWADCP-V5 Sartorius SIWADCP-V5 Industrial Scale 35 kg 0.5 g
SIWADCP-V6 Sartorius SIWADCP-V6 Industrial Scale 65 kg 1.0 g
SIWRDCP-V7 Sartorius SIWRDCP-V7 Industrial Scale 6 kg 0.2 g
SIWRDCP-V8 Sartorius SIWRDCP-V8 Industrial Scale 15 kg 0.5 g
SIWRDCP-V9 Sartorius SIWRDCP-V9 Industrial Scale 35 kg 1.0 g
SIWRDCP-V10 Sartorius SIWRDCP-V10 Industrial Scale 60 kg 2.0 g
SIWRDCP-V11 Sartorius SIWRDCP-V11 Industrial Scale 6 kg 0.2 g
SIWRDCP-V12 Sartorius SIWRDCP-V12 Industrial Scale 6 kg 1.0 g
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