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Item # Quintix513, Sartorius Quintix® 513 Analytical Laboratory Balance

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The New Quintix®.
Redefining Standard.

The new Sartorius Quintix® sets new benchmarks in every aspect for standard lab balances: features, technology, ergonomic style, and, above all, the entirely new, user-friendly operating design of the Quintix® that helps make workflows much more efficient. What it boils down to is the Quintix® is fail-safe: it rules out weighing errors due to incorrect operation and eliminates the time-consuming chore of "finagling" with the settings. Fractions of a second are all it takes for any user to adapt the Quintix® to specific requirements and obtain traceable results much faster than ever.

Technical Specifications  · Specifications  · Peace of Mind with isoCAL  · Applications  · Additional Information  · Note

Technical Specifications

Weighing Capacity

510 g


1 mg


1 mg


2 mg

Typical Response Time

1.5 s

Weighing Pan Diameter

120 mm

Weighing Chamber Height

209 mm

Net Weight

4.9 kg


360 mm


216 mm


320 mm

Versions Verified as Legal for Trade

All models can be obtained with an EC type-approval certificate for use in legal metrology; NTEP approval for selected balance models

Draft Shield

  • Analytical draft shield chamber with doors that glide open smoothly for fatigue-free weighing
  • Interior chamber featuring spill-proof design; exceptionally easy to clean
  • All panes can be individually cleaned or exchanged


Chemically resistant finish of the housing for the easiest cleaning ever

Weigh cell

  • Sartorius weigh cell
  • Mounted on a heavy-duty die-cast plate made of a special aluminum alloy
  • Stable and repeatable weighing results guaranteed, along with minimum dependence on temperature


isoCAL - Fully automatic
Temperature and Time - Controlled internal adjustment


mini USB
  • Automatic recognition of Sartorius printer models YDP30 or YDP40
  • Direct data transfer to Microsoft® Windows programs without any additional software
  • Programmable interval for data output
  • Choice of SBI, xBPI, table format or text format data transfer protocols

Supervisor Lock

Menu lock for protection against unintentional changes

In-Use Cover

Provides added protection against dirt and scratches; supplied standard with the balance

Anti-Theft Device

Kensington lock and lug for attaching a chain or a cable

Built-in Application Programs

Special lab applications such as:
  • Mixing
  • Components
  • Statistics
  • Conversion
Plus standard lab applications such as:
  • Weighing
  • Density
  • Percentage
  • Checkweighing
  • Peak Hold
  • Counting
  • Unstable Conditions

Below-Balance Weighing

Standard, built-in feature

Development and Manufacture

Developed and made in Germany


Balance Type


Peace of Mind with isoCAL
Temperature fluctuations have an influence on the accuracy of your weighing results

This is why every Quintix® comes equipped with the internal adjustment function isoCAL that ensures consistently accurate results.

Each time isoCAL is performed, the Cal Audit Trail function in Quintix® records all data on this procedure so it can be traced for your quality assurance.

Enables you to weigh in various components of a formula quickly with 100% traceability.

Conveniently lets you weigh components of a formula into separate containers and retrieve the total amount weighed-in at any time.

Saves you work when you need to know the standard deviation and other statistics on an entire group of different samples, but don't have the time to do the number-crunching yourself.

Helps you zip through series of samples when you have to quickly determine whether each one is within a specific tolerance range.

Takes the effort out of determining the density of a solid, irregularly-shaped object.

In addition to this app, all Quintix® balances feature isoCAL, the fully automatic internal calibration and adjustment function engineered by Sartorius to ensure total accuracy.

Takes care of the math when you need to convert a weight using a factor, say, to calculate the weight per unit area.

Peak Hold
Locks in the reading so you can later view the maximum force released in milliseconds when a switch is activated during an experiment, or the weight of a bulky sample that hides the display while weighing.

Unstable Conditions
Delivers rock-steady results when you have to weigh in an extremely unstable environment or measure the weight of a hyper little mouse that just won't sit still.

Makes comparisons of samples easy when you need to determine their difference in percent from a reference standard.

Gives you the exact count when you want to know how many identical parts, such as tablets, are in a bag.

Additional Information
Sartorius teamed up with experienced lab users to develop the user interface of the new Quintix®. Lab users' No. 1 priority was to ensure easy, intuitive operation without having read the manual first. They did it! The self-explanatory icons and plain-text prompts on the large touch screen show you all the information you need to know for the procedure - no more, no less. For example, the touch-activated print key will appear only when Quintix® has detected that a Sartorius printer is connected. The Quintix® also excels in compliance with NIOSH workplace safety: Even if you are wearing several pairs of lab gloves, you can still correctly use all the functions of the balance.

Quintix® comes standard with convenient, built-in applications. These, along with the extensive accessories Sartorius offers, enable you to customize Quintix® to a variety of weight measurement tasks. Take specific gravity. With the built-in Density application and the Sartorius Density Kit, you can effortlessly determine the density of solids and liquids.

Every advanced analytical laboratory requires GLP - GMP-compliant records, as well as fast and secure processing of the data generated. The Plug and Work technology in Quintix® saves you considerable time and effort in generating fast and reliable documents.

Quintix® substantially simplifies processing data in spreadsheets. How? After connecting the USB port on Quintix® to a computer, just open the Microsoft® Office program you need. Quintix® delivers data in your choice of format, either text or numbers, enabling effortless and accurate spreadsheet calculations. No additional software or special configuration settings are needed.

The Sartorius standard printer YDP40 is automatically detected by Quintix®. Thanks to interactive user guidance, Quintix® provides help in generating error-free printouts, for instance, by inputting the correct sample ID numbers.

Repeatable results and linearity are the key prerequisites to obtaining accurate and traceable weighing results. That's why Quintix® has been subjected to extensive automated repeatability, linearity and temperature drift tests to guarantee that it meets our high metrological specifications. Inside a virtual "rigorous testing chamber," Quintix® test samples undergo more than 1000000 load stress tests to ensure that after years of standing up to the rigors of daily use with different weight loads, it will still deliver accurate results just like it did on day one. Quintix® is crafted in Germany with high-grade components and materials. For example, the weigh cells are mounted on a solid, special aluminum alloy base plate, which is extremely impervious to ambient conditions, such as temperature fluctuations and vibration.

All these tests and features add up to user benefits like the legendary reliability of the Sartorius Quintix®, a major advantage it shares with every other Sartorius balance.

Specifications subject to change without notice.


·  Peace of Mind with isoCAL/No Risk Due to Temperature Fluctuations


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